Environmental Policy


We are environmentally conscious in our plastic component production for the automotive industry. As a business, we aim to leave a healthy and clean environment to our future generations, and to maintain and continuously improve our Environmental Management System in this direction.

In accordance with this purpose,

  • To fulfill the legal and other obligations of Environmental Management
  • To carry out production activities by taking into account the principles of the Sustainable Environment,
  • Purchasing energy-efficient products, services, and technologies, supporting high-performance designs
  • Considering energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies while creating all processes from the design stage,
  • In line with the goals and targets set each year, environmental pollution To reduce energy consumption and waste by using resources efficiently in order to prevent waste,
  • To use renewable energy sources in the near future,
  • Within the framework of the established Environmental Management System, to cooperate with all our employees and to instill this awareness in them,

is one of our main goals.